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Hidden Mode

Using The Apps
 The app are broken down into 15 sections. Each section tests a specific skill set based on the  provincial curriculum. You can select which question sets you wish to include in your exam: either a single unit or multiple units.  As well, you can choose from Exam Mode or Practice Mode.


Practice Mode

Exam Mode

In this mode, you are given the question only, with no answers. When you’re ready to see the answer, simply click “Reveal Answer”. This mode is meant to test a higher level of understanding that a multiple-choice style question cannot test.

In this mode, you will answer each question without receiving any feedback as to whether you were correct or not until the end.  At the end of the exam, you’ll receive a score and be able to see which questions you got wrong along with their correct answers.  Green answers are correct, red are incorrect.  This mode is meant to give you an indication as to how well you understand the material.

In this mode, you can continue to answer each question until you have chosen the correct answer.  Wrong choices will turn red and correct answers turn green. You do not get a score at the end.  This mode is meant to help you study the material and get immediate feedback based on your choices.

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